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Welcome to Tahsis, BC!

Vancouver Island - British Columbia - Canada

Scuba Diving – Sea Kayaking - Nootka Trail Water Taxi - Boat Tours!

Explore the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia above AND below the waterline!

The Village of Tahsis, BC sits on the edge of discovery, steeped in the history of years past - it’s the birthplace of the province of British Columbia - and bursting with the excitement of TODAY - scuba diving, sea kayaking, wildlife viewing, whale watching, eco tours, water taxi and modern amenities!

Diving the Emerald Sea
Photo by John Rawlings

Scuba Diving in Tahsis

Tahsis is a fabulous cold water diving location with easy access to incredible dive sites on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The majority of our most popular dive sites are within a 20-30 minute boat ride from the dock.

At Tahtsa, we offer dive charters to suit every skill and comfort level. From shallow wall dives with spectacularly coloured flora and fauna (including octopus) to deep dives and night dives. Check out our Dive page for more information about our dive charters, fully equipped dive boat and scuba gear.

Sea Kayaking Tours

At the Tahtsa Dive and Kayak Center in Tahsis we’ll help you plan your self-guided sea kayaking tour of Nootka Sound, Esperanza Inlet and Nuchatlitz Inlet. Sea kayaking on Vancouver Island’s wild West coast can be as tame or exciting as you want it, just let us know what you are interested in and we’ll tell you where to go and how to get there.

Rent kayaks from us or bring your own. Our kayak transport boat can take you and your sea kayak to your starting point and pick you up when your sea kayaking trip is finished. We can also arrange land transport to get you and your kayak where you need to go. Check out our Kayak page and start planning your Vancouver Island sea kayaking tour.

Adventure Tours

The beauty and remote wildness of nearby Nootka Sound and stunning Esperanza Inlet must be seen to be truly appreciated. First we make you comfortable on our 30' charter boat, Notorious, then we pull out all the stops to give you the adventure tour of a lifetime!

Hang on and keep your camera at the ready because we are going to do a little bit of everything from wildlife viewing & whale watching to sightseeing on this west coast Vancouver Island eco tour. We'll visit historic Friendly Cove, where Captain Cook first set foot on British Columbia soil.

Then bear viewing, Tahtsa style, is on the menu. Imagine silently gliding up to the shoreline to share the warmth of the afternoon sun with a foraging black bear and her cubs. This is the BEST way to get a non-intrusive glimpse into the natural life of wild black bears as they scour the beaches for crabs and other delicacies.

Water Taxi to the Nootka Trail

The Nootka Trail, located on Nootka Island, west of Tahsis is only accessible by boat or plane. Join the experienced crew of M/V Notorious to drop-off at or pick-up at your group of Nootka Trail hikers. The hike offers a supberb coastal wilderrness experience. View old growth forests, tidal reefs and wildlife as you hike the Nootka Trail, an area steeped in rich history.

Whale Watching

Whale watching in Esperanza Inlet is a delight as Humpback Whales and Gray Whales take their time feeding in this fertile inlet on their journey north.

Wildlife viewing is excellent here, keep your eyes wide open for sea otters in the kelp and sea lions on the rocks and look up every now and then - you won't believe the variety of birds you’ll see!

Where's Tahsis?

So, where exactly is Tahsis? We’re actually quite easy to get to (luckily not everybody has discovered how easy!) Tahsis is a picturesque drive, about an hour and a half on a good gravel road, from Gold River on the West coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Check out our map for more information.

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